SenioRx Prescription Assistance

SenioRx is a Prescription Drug Assistance Program that helps individuals apply for and receive free, name brand medications from pharmaceutical company programs. The goal of SenioRx is to reduce economic stress to low-income individuals who are facing financial hardships due to the high cost of prescription medication.

Individuals may qualify for assistance if they meet one set of the following criteria:

If you are at least 55 years of age with no prescription drug coverage and have a chronic medical condition and meet annual household income limits.
If you have a disability at any age and you have been deemed disabled by Social Security, or have applied for disability and are waiting on a decision, or have a doctor's declaration of disability, or you are in the 24-month Medicare waiting period.
You have Medicare and have reached your Medicare Part D coverage gap.

Through SenioRx, the Area Agency on Aging strives to promote better health and improve the qualify of life of Alabama's older population and people with disabilities.

Click HERE for SenioRx Application.